It all starts with a survey

Well, sort of. Our employer brand strategists will be on a mission to answer one main question: Why should people join your team? What's in it for them? Yes, that is two questions, but they do say the same thing. As we gain a better understanding of your company's needs (based on research and discussions), we'll develop a custom-designed survey to gather honest feedback from your employees. Questions will cover the work environment, advancement opportunities, recognition and compensation (cool benefits included! ), company culture, and more ... basically, what are your "wow" factors and how does it feel to be part of your team?

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Followed by in-depth interviews

While surveys are a great place to start, we believe an EVP cannot be developed without involving a diverse panel of key stakeholders. Our employer brand strategists will conduct one-on-one interviews with some of your best employees to understand why they enjoy working for you. Because having a real human-to-human conversation is the best way to create something authentic that goes beyond bulleted lists of perks and benefits.

Here’s what you’ll get

Because every project is unique and tailored to your needs and realities, we can't go into too much detail here. But one thing is for sure: you will receive everything you need to come up with a statement that defines your business and to craft a story that helps you stand out from the competition. We will help you identify your EVP pillars, tone of voice, and visual identity so you can promote your unique value proposition across all platforms — including your career site, job postings, onboarding materials, social media platforms, email campaigns, and more.

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