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Putting themselves in job seekers' shoes, our employer branding strategists will assess your online performance through key elements such as your career site, application process, mobile optimization, social media, and reputation. The goal is to provide you with comprehensive insights, customized best practices, and recommendations so you have a clear roadmap for your future initiatives.

My favorite part of the process was getting to know the Monster STS team and watching them turn my vision for the website into reality. I am very appreciative for all the work each and every one of you did. Thank you and look forward to doing business with Monster STS for years to come!

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Add a competitive benchmark

Your employer brand journey begins with an Employer Brand Analysis. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can compare your performance against a specific top competitor to find out where you fall short or where you are ahead of the game. Having a comparative directional scorecard will help you improve your brand presence — whether that means (re)creating your career site, crafting a unique employer value proposition, rethinking the application process, or simply improving your online copy. No matter what, we've got you covered.

Increase in job views for a major communications and media company

Companies with strong employer brands have:

  • 10% lower payroll costs
  • 28% lower staff turnover
  • 46% lower indexed cost-per-hire

Source: Randstad

I have worked with many vendors over the last decade but engaging with the Monster STS team was different; we evolved into having a real relationship. I looked forward to all my weekly meetings with the team. The process was smooth, professional, friendly and the final project was beyond my expectations. Any questions I had were promptly answered and in “laymen” terms. I am so pleased to have worked with and met such a wonderful team!.

Step 2: Enhance every touchpoint between your company and potential candidates

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