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Our team will quickly create a professionally-crafted landing page so you can start driving traffic to your role(s) – our turnaround time can be as little as 24 hours – so you’ll be up and running fast!

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Entice candidates to apply with a professional page that shows them what it’s like to work at your organization with available sections for content, perks and benefits, and testimonials providing insight into your culture.

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Your landing page will drive both active and passive candidates directly to available job openings on Monster to increase conversion rates.

Media with guaranteed

A targeted media campaign, managed and optimized by a dedicated program manager, will target quality candidates where they engage with guaranteed visits to your landing page.

A flexible
pay-as-you-go model

Rather than committing to long-term contracts or unjustified upfront fees, pay only when a candidate actively engages with your organization.

Enhance every touchpoint between your company and
potential candidates

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