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Attempting To Reinvent Yourself? Is Your Organization Truly Ready To Change?

Your employer brand provides a portrait of the company’s culture and the way its employees interact within that environment. Basically, it’s your organization’s personality.

To remodel your employer brand effectively, you must:

  1. Make your employee value proposition more appealing
  2. Transform your talent acquisition strategy completely

And if you want to change, strong strategic planning will help make your initiatives successful. 

Know where A is to get to B efficiently.

Start by identifying the kind of results your company is aiming for and its current position, as well. Where are you now and where are you going, exactly? You cannot change for the better if you don’t have clear answers to these questions.

Also: What does it take to obtain the results you seek? Are you willing to do what success requires?

What does it take to obtain the results you seek? Are you willing to do what success requires?

Remember, it’s a process of trial and error that will involve a substantial commitment of time, effort, and consistency. Specialists say change occurs gradually over time, and usually following 5 major steps: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.

First, you progress from being uninterested, unaware, or unwilling to make a change (pre-contemplation), to considering it (contemplation), to deciding and preparing to make a change (preparation). Then comes action, followed by attempts to maintain the new behavior in the long run (maintenance).

Do you have the resources and knowledge to successfully make a lasting, meaningful change? It would, of course, be quite unproductive to drive change that isn’t relevant or worthwhile.

We are not here to judge. We all know change is challenging because it takes us outside our comfort zone. The feeling of uncertainty associated with new horizons can be overwhelming for anyone. And it works the same way for an organization.

To reach different results, try different approaches

In this era, your team will easily find a multitude of ideas, some mostly philosophical and others directly related to business on how to transform oneself and organizations. Although all this advice and insights may help pinpoint what you want to see happen in your company and how you would like it to be perceived among potential candidates and, well, the world, there is no one single and golden way to get to the place you want to be as an organization. 

It’s clear that every company has that special je ne sais quoi, and sometimes it’s just about having the audacity and fortitude to go through the entire change process to figure out what it is that makes it shine.

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