What are they really looking for in a job? Tips and tricks to attract and retain.

Today, I want to talk to you about quick and dirty tactics you can implement to make a difference in your attraction and retention challenges. Yes, there are things that are not too complicated and that many employers do not activate.

First, clean up your online presence. Do a Google search with your company name + jobs or careers and see what comes up. Reply where you can. Learn from the rest.

Second, read your latest job descriptions. Go on your career site and select five to ten of them and go through the content. You have to think about human connection and Google algorithms. Make sure you respect Google for jobs best practices (all the visibility you can get is good, so it is the right thing to do). Then, add the human element; why should someone leave their job for your company?

Third, review onboarding. Survey your latest hires, ask them how it went. The first six months are critical. Do they have what they need to feel part of the team? Have they connected with your mission? Do they feel like they are contributing? Onboarding is key to clarifying expectations in the role. Make it clear and engaging.

If this is done, you can now take your time to tackle the big projects. Is your Employer Value Proposition well defined? Is it rolled out properly or is it outdated or sleeping in a folder somewhere? Is your career site accessible, is its content relevant to your top targets? Are your employees engaged? All these undertakings will take a few months to deliver on, but now is the perfect time to get organized so you can dive at full speed.

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